Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Shanghai - pics

I just looked at my previous blog about Shanghai, and a lot of the pictures are very similar. Oh well. I still love this city. Lots to do, plenty to see, and for compared to Harbin, it feel's a little more like home.

On the day we traveled to Shanghai, there was a typhoon, and I think a few people died. However, when we arrived, there was only no evidence of the bad weather. All we had was sun.

The Bund

Shanghai Skyline

Skyline + Memorial

The Bund, again

Shanghai Museum with very very old stuff inside 

Pedestrian St. with thermometer in the background, likely high twenty's 

Cool little alley market 


Ped St. at night

Night out. Beer house

TV Tower

Another Market. Cool building and lights



Lots of Pocarr FTs while I was away, brought to you by..

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