Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Update and Props

The month of February was meh. I am currently looking for a place to rent, so things are a little unsettled and my volume hasn't been great. Hopefully I find a place, move in, and get settled quickly. The highlight of my month has to be Poacrr booming and singing two new MTT coaches, Crazyhorse76 and Sircrafty, as well as this. 

  -  Waldo and I had a prop bet, 1pt per game, 2pts per $ profit, loser had to have edward as an avatar. High stakes, and high variance. Unfortunately for Steve, he hit a 3k downswing and ended up losing. 

He's already getting abused in chat and i am sure it will make for some golden chat. 
Pujinator said, "dang waldo ur sexy"

Pujinator said, "whats ur sign hunny"
Pujinator said, "screw that how big are ya"
Look4Waldo said, "this will be a fun month"

  -  Kebziwi stated in a skype chat that he was going to try and go the rest of the year without shaving and I suggested a bet. I know Zeb is a pretty boy at heart and this will be very difficult for him. $450, no shaving, no trimming, 1 year. 
Have fun having a beard like this in the Whangamata summer.


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  1. haha, at the begin i didn't get why waldo have edward on his avatar, but now i know! :D
    have fun zebkiwi