Thursday, March 31, 2011

House and Vegas/Canada Trip Booked

The house itself isn't the greatest, but it is comfortable and I am really happy with it. The only thing that sucks is that I am without reliable internet. Right now I am using an aircard, which is fine for searching the web, but for mass multi-tabling, it lags, I timeout, and start tilting. Hopefully the internet will be sorted in the next couple of days. 


I'm not the greatest photographer and don't know why the city looks so far away in photos, it actually looks a lot closer in person. 


In other news, I have booked my flights and hotel for Vegas. Biran and I will be staying at the Palms between the 4th and 14th of July. We got a sweet deal for a 'superior room'. It was $69 for weekdays and $129 for weekends. Could have gone with a 'deluxe room' for cheaper, but we will have Mr 4toedstatue staying with us for at least 5nights, so wanted a little more space and a nicer room. A lot of poker players took this deal including, Msusyr24, Game2eazy, and Look4Waldo, so it will be awesome meeting these degens in degencity. 

"Can't wait till we (get drunk,) lose steve, and have to look4waldo" - G2E

After Vegas, Biran and I are heading to BC, Cananda for my family reuinion, which is also very exciting. It's been around 4 years since I have been back, which is way too long.

Bring on July!!


  1. Yeah. Stanley Point to be precise.

  2. sick view cant wait for vegas we def gonna hit up the rock and get a private pocarr table so u can bluff me in irl with 62os

  3. Mint View! What's the rent on a place like that (with that view) or you buy?

  4. I'm living with my gf, we are paying $330/wk and it includes electricity. It's a nice room with an en-suite and a view, so we got extremely lucky imo. Just have to sort out some internet!