Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Whats Going On?!?

Since my last post, a lot of has happened.

Every single poker player in the world knows about Black Friday and it will be remembered for years to come. Many times there has been 'the sky is falling' moments for online poker, but this is definitely the worst. PS, FTP, and some other bullshit sites that don't deserve mentioning, were indicted on charges of, bank fraud, money laundering, and illegal gambling. Online players in the USA are now out of jobs because they are no longer allowed to play on those sites. I really feel for my former colleagues who are now forced to make life changing decisions. GL guys.

 money laundering?

For me, it has been stressful to say the least. I can still play, but Pocarr has taken a bit of a punch to the nuts (about 50% of students are from the US) and the game aren't running as fast. At first the games are a softer, but as american players move abroad, and the fish don't spawn, the games are going to dry out. I hope as stress levels die down, I can enjoy playing again, but for right now, I am struggling. I am not running great, which doesn't help, but with all this added stress, it's tough.

The sudden end of US online poker made me think of what I would do if it all came crashing down tomorrow. As of now, I realize this is always going to be a possibility. It is a huge eye opener. Will Smith, once told me, 'theres no reason to have a plan B because it distracts you from plan A.'. Yes, its good to commit yourself to something, but I think I might go against the princes wisdom. I want to watch a few vids/ read some stuff, find something that I am interested in and study it. Or maybe I can just bink something.

Another big piece of news is PS changed the structure and buyins to their sngs. They built it up as if it was going to be the best thing that has ever happened in online poker. HA. At least they are listening to players and making some more changes. Doubt they change buyins/rake though.

Since BF, I have been lazy and have had too many nights were I get wasted and do nothing but play games on my phone and eat greasy food the next day. As a result, we have had multiple complaints from our grouch of a neighbor and have had an official warning. One more and we are gone. Just another unnecessary piece of stress. I am now going to be a hard working, studious. Playing lots, studying hard, making vids, and reviewing hands. - 'Keep telling youself that, portly'

I feel like a bit of a prick whining about this stuff. Poker has given me so much and I know I am fortunate. I just need to go read a newspaper to put things into perspective.


  1. Hey portly, it-s really bad that online poker maybe is going to dry in the long run, but the plan b might be changing structure and not from job, and with a lot of hard work you re able to adapt fast. I also don't believe that all of the regs are good enough to move from country just to play, they might just sick around in thoose websites wich were not closed, and in the long run ( 1 or 2 years ) there won't be any more american sharks growing cuz american fishes can't play either. I think you should listen to what adam smith spoke, it´s inspiring.

    good luck

  2. i believe that everything after BF will be better than before... i believe that after the US elections US will have Poker Online legalized and the sky will be blue again :p
    don't worry to much, they are more than 10Million of people that play online poker in US, they will not shut up and they will fight for their rights, and i'm with them!
    You have an impressive Poker curriculum, u r one of the best on 180's, there's no ohter plan than continue being one of the best... gl grant! the best for you ;) mario